Artist Has Formula For Success

Ron Anderson's "Formula 44," depicts President Obama in the Oval Office


Ron Anderson at his Columbus, OH studio where he produces oil paintings for corporate and private collections and public art projects. He is pictured here with one of his other works,"Voodoo Zoo."


It all started in June, with a sketch. Artist Ron Anderson began a casual draft of what then, presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama, might look like in the Oval Office. “He became a very serious contender at a certain point,” Anderson said. “And I realized, at that stage, that there was history to be made.” So the artist did what he does best - put his own spin on current events. His inspiration came directly from the news. “I kept hearing things about the Kennedys,” he said. “John Kennedy, when he was in the White House and Jacqueline Kennedy would disappear somewhere, he would bring in the photographer and let him film his babies in the Oval Office." Since both families have two kids, Anderson saw the same sort of visual, emotional and story connection. “I thought, this is almost like a Kennedy moment,” he said. “I could put Obama in the Oval Office, but I wanted to show his connection to family. So I decided, let’s put them in that space and make them look like that 50’s or 60’s family.”The oil on canvas painting, which he named “Formula 44,” was completed in July. It was installed in an exhibition at the Columbus College of Art and Design, where Anderson is an instructor, one month before the election. It was still in place on November 4, 2008, when Senator Barack Obama was elected the nation's 44th and first African American president. “The surreal has become the reality,” said Anderson.“It’s emotional. It really hasn’t even set it. Now that the inaugural address has taken place and he’s been sworn in - I think its hitting a lot of people.”


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